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Boca Ciega

Near Havana, Boca Ciega is a quaint beach town that intertwines with other beach towns to create the area called Playa del Este. This city features charming homes that are contemporary with a hint of tropical. For lunch or dinner, check out the copious seafood restaurants and other local cuisines. Between sampling succulent seafood, kick back on the miles of gorgeous beaches with water views for miles.

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If you’re seeking wealth and luxury, then look no further than Miramar, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo on the coast that is home to some of the wealthiest citizens in Havana. Expect to see beautiful mansions, gorgeous villas, and stunning views. With a country club and plenty of private beaches, you can relax and entertain yourself, friends, and family. The numerous restaurants and shops in and around Miramar ensure that you won’t get bored. Come check out their beautiful beaches, rent a villa of your own, and relax the holiday away.

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Culture is the heart of Vedado. Known as the business district, Vedado is located between central Havana and Miramar, and it features has palatial hotels, art galleries, theater productions, live music concerts, restaurants, bars, and nightlife. The buildings are more urban and modern, but you still get that island-tropical feel with the palm tree–lined streets that lead to the seawall which separates Vedado from the Caribbean Sea

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Siboney is second neighborhood in Havana of wealth and affluence. In Siboney, you can find gorgeous homes owned by ambassadors and high-ranking officials. With perfectly manicured lawns and unique architecture, this neighborhood is one of the most idyllic in Havana. Take a walk along the coast, or stroll the streets and admire the amazing homes. Rent one of your own for villas to experience the local life of luxury.

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Havana Vieja

Stay in the center of Havana and be part of the riveting nightlife and history that comprise Havana Vieja. With classic Cuban architecture, picturesque plazas, and cozy restaurants you will feel as though you have walked back in time. With more than 500 years of history, there are museums and galleries galore that tell the story of this historic city center. As a central location, it is perfect to use as your home base while you explore the surrounding areas, and options for entertainment are around every corner. Experience Havana as it was meant to be – as a local!

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Another part of Playa del Este, Guanabo is a quiet seaside town in the east of Havana. Here you’ll find cozy coastal villas and many charming restaurants. Relax on the beach, grab lunch or dinner at the few adorable restaurants, or just explore and enjoy the laidback vibe. See how the locals live and get to know the local culture in Guanabo, a beautiful vacation spot to unwind from the pressures of daily life

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The town of Sosua is located in the Puerto Plata province on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The homes here are of Central American style with touches of modern influence and tropical charm. There are two major neighborhoods: El Batey, which is the main part of Sosua, and Los Charamicos, where you’ll find the rousing nightlife. With restaurants, a Jewish museum, bars, shops, and so much more, you’ll never run out of things to do in both areas of Sosua! In between the two neighborhoods lies the fantastic beach, a sheltered cove known for its offshore coral reef, tropical fish, and stunningly colorful plants.

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Puerto Plata

If you love the beach, you’ll love Puerto Plata. Each of the area’s beaches is perfect for both relaxation and water sports. Puerto Plata also features dozens of resorts, an 18-hole golf course, and historical buildings, as well as restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes that line the streets. Go scuba diving, take a tour of the city, check out Ocean World, or hike to Charcos de Damajagua where you will see 27 picturesque waterfalls. Filled with Mediterranean and old-world style homes, you are sure to love your stay in Puerto Plata.

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A resort town on the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, Cabarete is a charming vacation spot and only 20 minutes from the airport. Because Cabarete Bay is protected by a coral reef, the waters are calm but still create a lovely breeze for water sports. The city has a relaxed vibe, with dozens of restaurants, bars, and little shops. In front of Cabarete is a semi-circular beach ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and admiring the coastline, and behind is a peaceful lagoon with stunning tropical vegetation. The nightlife is an added bonus to a stay in Cabarete, where your days can be spent on the beach, meandering through the city streets, or horseback riding into the sunset.

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St Barts

The island of St Barts is just 8 square miles in size, but that doesn’t stop it from being a popular getaway destination. It is full of rolling hills and some great beaches, and it is clear to see why visitors instantly fall in love and explorer Christopher Columbus named it after his brother.
St Barts became a French province in 1877, and most residents are French speaking descendants of the first Normand and Breton settlers.

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Gistavia is the main town, with a harbour full of impressive yachts, many high end restaurants and plenty of duty free shopping. There are more than a dozen beaches packed into the island, from the secluded Anse a Colombier to the more popular Baie de St. Jean, all of which are public and free. In addition to spending days on the beaches, there is plenty to do on St Barts – snorkelling, windsurfing, diving and fishing are all popular activities and can be found at various spots around the island.

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Despite being one of the lesser known islands in the Caribbean, Caracao is home to no less than 35 stunning beaches, ancient architecture, a diverse heritage and vibrant lifestyle. It’s capital city, Willemstad, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a place you can spend hours wandering the streets, admiring the many buildings and monuments, exploring the roster of museums and hopping in and out of some of the vibrant colourful shops and cafes. The natural beauty of the island makes it a favourite of nature lovers, while adventure seekers can hit the waves or explore the diverse landscape.

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Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel is home to one of the most popular beaches on the island of Caracao. It stands out from others largely due to the fact that a part of it resembles a large swimming pool, yet you have the luxury of bathing in the Caribbean Sea.

There are a couple of large resorts nearby, as well as a huge range of facilities. Whether you want to dine, relax, enjoy happy hour cocktails or simply watch the sunset over the sea, the area has it all.

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Caracus Bay

Caracus Bay is a stunning peninsula, open and easily accessible from both land and open sea. The peninsula is a nature lovers dream, full of extensive flora and fauna, and the historic fort of Beekenburg., originally built back in 1703. It was created in order to protect the bay, and still stand in excellent condition.
There are several beautiful beaches in the area, including Director’s beach, Baya beach, and Caracas Bay beach itself. The beaches have all the facilities you would need for a day out, and is great for both snorkling and fishing, while the area behind it is great for biking and hiking.

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Sint Michiel

Tiny boats boat in the picturesque Bay of Sint Michiel, a traditional fishing village located at the south end of Bullenbaai on the island’s west coast. The area’s quaint beach is known as Boka Sami, which is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Two of the best fish restaurants in the area can be found in the town, and many visitors climb the trail that runs up past the beach to the top of the hill to some impressive views of the area.
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Aruba is a picture perfect island, full of palm lined beaches, golden sands and a warm climate almost all year round. Visitors flood to Aruba to make use of the many upscale restaurants, duty free shopping, lively nightlife and some of the best water sports in the world.
The most frequented location is the northwest coastline and the bustling capital of Oranjestad, an area which has a distinctly Dutch feel. Colonial buildings line some streets, while designer shops line others, and it is this diversity that makes visitors fall in love.
Just north of the popular palm beach is as windsurfing and kitesurfing mecca, while scuba diving is also popular, with good visibility all year round.

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Noord is in the northern regions of Aruba, home to world class restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, beaches and protected wetlands. Some of the most popular beaches include Fisherman’s Huts, Malmok and Arashi, the last of which provides some fantastic snorkelling spots. The dramatic cliffs of the northern coast provide and impressive, yet beautiful change of scenery. The iconic Santa Anna Catholic Church lies in the heart of the district, and the historic Alto Vista Chapel sits majestically on top of a hill overlooking the area.
The area encompasses the main tourist hub of Palm Beach, a popular town full of everything you will need for a great stay, including large plazas and plenty of dining and nightlife options. Palm Beach, as the name suggests, also has a stunning beach of its own. A little further afield you will find some more long-founded and traditional neighbourhoods like Bakval, Boroncana, Kurimiauw and Kamay. The area is also known for its outstanding golf courses and the recently refurbished California Lighthouse, which keeps a watchful eye over the coastline and beyond.

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Barbados is an island where lush tropical wildlife mingles with refined luxury and golden sands. Whether you are looking for stunning beaches and azure waters, West Indian street feasts, cities teaming with history or golfing and surfing facilities, Barbados has it all.
It is the easternmost of the Lesser Antilles island, therefore has two oceans, the Atlantic on one side which provides some fantastic surfing spots, and the calmer Caribbean Sea on the other, home to some of the island’s popular resorts such as Paynes Bay and Mullins Beach.
The island’s plantation history can be seen all around Barbados, especially in the number of well-preserved plantations homes, some of the most notable include Sunbury Plantation House, St. Nicholas Abbey and the Francia Plantation. The island offers so much to see and do there is surely something for everyone. Take a tram through the ancient Harrisons Cave, explore Andromeda Gardens, play a round of golf, take a stroll around the charming capital city of Bridgetown or simply spend your days laying on one of the many beaches, the options are endless.

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St James

St James is located on the beautiful west coast of Barbados, and is one of the islands most popular visitor destinations. It is fun and dynamic, but still offers plenty of options for relaxation and simply soaking up the Caribbean sun on one of the many sandy beaches. The main town is Holetown, in which you will find plenty of modern and lively restaurants, a fun-filled nightlife scene, streets filled with luxury shopping options and plenty of pavement cafés. The beach at Holetown is sandwiched between the glistening sea and lines of palm trees, or a short drive away is the equally idyllic beach of Sandy Lane. Just 15 minutes away is Bridgetown, the island’s capital, which makes for a perfect day trip.

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St Peter

St Peter is a nature lovers dream, packed with national parks and nature reserves inland, and stunning beaches along the coast. Much of Barbados’ Platinum Coast runs through this part of the island, so you certainly won’t struggle to find golden beaches and azure waters, where colourful fish dart in and out of the shallows. Located to the north of Barbados, St Peter is full of interesting sights and towns including Speightstown, rum plantations, St. Nicholas Abbey and Grenade Hall Signal Station.

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