The official language in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic is Spanish. As in most other countries, any attempt by visitors to use the native languages is always appreciated.

In heavy tourist areas, almost all shops and bars have some English-speaking staff. Both Cubans and Dominicans and in general are super friendly and love to show off their country so people will generally make an effort to try to help you whatever language you speak!


English Spanish
Hello! Hola
Good day Buenos días
Good evening Buenas tardes
Good night Buenas noches
Good bye Adiós
See you later Hasta luego
Please Por favor
Thank you Gracias
Yes Si
No No
Of course Claro
Excuse me Perdona
I’m sorry Lo siento
I don’t know No sé
Have a good holiday Qué tenga buenas vacaciones
Where is Dónde esta
How much is.. Cúanto cuesta…
How do I get to Cómo se va a …
Help me please Ayúdame por favor
I don’ speak Spanish No hablo español
Do you speak English? Habla usted ingles?
I’m English / American Soy inglés / americano
I’m English / American Soy inglés / americano Soc anglès / americà