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Steeped in faded grandeur, Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest island, drips with history, culture, and a captivating mystique. Live music wafts through the cobbled squares in Havana’s World Heritage-listed Old Town, vintage cars still cruise the streets, and the beautiful old buildings of Cuba’s colonial cities evoke the feel of a country frozen in time.

As the largest island in the Caribbean and one of the world’s few remaining communist states, Cuba is the most-sought holiday destination when the concern is all about the experience. The first thing that you notice when you enter Cuba, be it Havana or Trinidad, is the sea of happy faces that greet you. It is almost unbelievable how locals go out of their way to help you, guide you, direct you, and when at some nightclub or bars at night, drinking with the Cuban people is an experience.

In Havana Vieja, lose yourself in the corridors that criss-cross through the city, and stop for a mojito or coffee in one of Havana´s celebrated open-air plazas. Colorful buildings and cozy cafes line the streets where you can pop in for a quick beverage while the locals go about their daily business. Parts of the city are undergoing a 35-year renovation project to highlight Havana´s gems and promote tourism to the Cuban capital.

Some of Cuba´s most poignant history can be remembered among these streets where the Spanish settled in the 16th century. Because of its coastal location, Havana served as an important trading post between the United States and Spain.

Cuba also exudes natural beauty. This vast island has more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, much of it rimmed by dazzling beaches. Coral reefs glimmer in the turquoise waters, and Cuba’s lush countryside and sublime islands have played host to presidents, provided refuge to revolutionaries, and inspired writers from around the world, Hemingway among them. With all this history and beauty as well as superb diving and fishing, Cuba offers a depth and diversity few Caribbean islands can rival.

The high-end neighborhood of Siboney rests west of Havana on the golden coastline where private beaches and five-star amenities await. Due east of Havana lies Boca Ciega where kilometers of sandy beaches are within walking distance from charming Cuban villas. Both public and private beaches are available for families to enjoy, some requiring an access fee. The tropical weather of the Caribbean makes Cuba an ideal destination regardless of the time of year.

Vehicles that roam the streets of Havana date to the 1950s, providing a setting that feels like you are living in the Cuba from the past. Visit a car show in Havana or enjoy a taxi cab ride in a car from more than 60 years ago.

From bustling plazas where history abounds to tranquil beaches where the sun shines, Cuba offers a little bit of everything. Hop a jet ski or relax in a hammock as your Caribbean vacation unfolds before you.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It forms part of the Greater Antilles island group, a group that’s world famous for its friendly locals, lively and colorful culture, and unique and majestic wildlife. One of the Caribbean’s largest nations, the Dominican Republic is an action-packed destination where there’s always something going on!.

Santo Domingo, situated on the island’s southern coast, is the Dominican Republic’s largest city and acts as the official capital. Home to one of the busiest airports in the country — Las Américas International Airport — Santo Domingo is a top choice for travelers as one of the fascinating destinations in the Dominican Republic. The city’s Colonial Zone features a mix of vibrant nightlife, history, and architecture, and contributed to the area’s achievement of UNESCO World Heritage status in 1990.

A trip to the Dominican Republic isn’t just about exploring its cities; it’s about seeing all sides of the nation. In addition to its busy, bustling metropolitan areas, there is also an expanse of natural beauty. The Caribbean country is home to not one but four major mountain ranges: Cordillera Septentrional, Cordillera Central, the Sierra de Neiba, and the Sierra de Bahoruco. Within the Cordillera Central you’ll find the highest peaks in the Dominican Republic, which have become firm favorites of intrepid travelers who are looking to venture off the beaten track and enjoy new challenges and experiences.

A visit to the Dominican Republic is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a truly unique culture as many different parts of the world have influenced the Dominican Republic that we know today. While strolling through the country’s towns and cities, it is still possible to witness the African, European, and native Caribbean influences that have helped shape the nation and make the Dominican Republic one of the top Caribbean holiday destinations.

With a tropical rainforest climate, the Dominican Republic is generally warm and pleasant all year round. Despite a bit of occasional rain, especially during the winter months, tourism remains one of the most important factors pushing economic growth, with an increasing number of resorts and accommodations as well as a growing focus on ecotourism, particularly in places such as Jarabacoa and Constanza, which are home to a selection of both natural and scientific reserves.

Who should visit the Dominican Republic? Everyone! Families with young children will love the stretches of white sand, while explorers will appreciate the expense of wide open space and wild, rugged terrain. Young couples will enjoy the active nightlife, while history lovers won’t be able to get enough of the local sightseeing. And let’s not forget about self-confessed foodies, for food is a massive part of the Dominican Republic culture. Mangu — boiled and mashed plantain — is widely considered to be a staple amongst locals, while sancocho is the ultimate comfort food, ideal for enjoying after a busy day seeing the sights.

Boca Ciega

Near Havana, Boca Ciega is a quaint beach town that intertwines with other beach towns to create the area called Playa del Este. This city features charming homes that are contemporary with a hint of tropical. For lunch or dinner, check out the copious seafood restaurants and other local cuisines. Between sampling succulent seafood, kick back on the miles of gorgeous beaches with water views for miles.


If you’re seeking wealth and luxury, then look no further than Miramar, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo on the coast that is home to some of the wealthiest citizens in Havana. Expect to see beautiful mansions, gorgeous villas, and stunning views. With a country club and plenty of private beaches, you can relax and entertain yourself, friends, and family. The numerous restaurants and shops in and around Miramar ensure that you won’t get bored. Come check out their beautiful beaches, rent a villa of your own, and relax the holiday away.


Culture is the heart of Vedado. Known as the business district, Vedado is located between central Havana and Miramar, and it features has palatial hotels, art galleries, theater productions, live music concerts, restaurants, bars, and nightlife. The buildings are more urban and modern, but you still get that island-tropical feel with the palm tree–lined streets that lead to the seawall which separates Vedado from the Caribbean Sea.


Barbados is a picturesque coral island in the Caribbean. It is part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies which is famous for its tranquil beaches, colorful festivals, mouthwatering cuisines, and friendly locals. Barbados is considered a leading tourist destination where the fun never stops!

Bridgetown, the largest and capital city of Barbados, is a port city situated on the southwest coast of the island. In Bridgetown, you can enjoy duty-free shopping at upscale boutiques and cruise ship terminals. It is one of the popular places to visit in Barbados among tourists as it offers many activities such as fishing, yachting, nightlife on Baxter’s Road, and viewing cricket matches.

A trip to Barbados is incomplete without visiting the white sandy beaches along the magnificent blue-green sea of the West Coast. The coral reefs found at Barbados are among some of the most beautiful coral reefs. They are excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling, and if you are lucky you may even see a sea turtle swimming alongside you. You can enjoy an island safari on a jeep which will take you to remote bays, gullies, and offer panoramic coastal views. Visit the Andromeda Botanical Garden and enjoy some of the rare species of plants. This Barbados National Trust Garden has an unparalleled collection of plants found anywhere in the world.

Barbados is a multi-cultural society with traces of European, African, and native Caribbean influence. It is not just an island with exciting beaches; there are rolling hills, deep gullies and ridges, and thousands of interesting varieties of flora and fauna. The vast network of underground lakes and caves are an excellent source of drinking water which is considered the one of the purest in the world. The unique thing about Barbados is that it was actually two land masses which have joined together over the years. This geological abnormality along with other anomalies makes Barbados a phenomenal destination.

Barbados has a tropical rainforest climate due to the constant cool breeze of the trade winds. Rain during the winter months turns the weather pleasant. There is an increasing number of accommodations and hotels in Barbados with special emphasis on ecotourism.

Barbados is the ideal holiday destination for everyone. From families to honeymooners to elderly couples the island offers lots of music, history, art, nightlife and some of the best restaurants – there is something for everyone. Barbados is called the ‘culinary capital of the world’ with a variety of food that is appealing to all foodies. Whether it is fine dining at top-rated restaurants or casual street food – both are a complete gastronomical delight! But the thing that makes Barbados extra special is its warm and friendly people. Barbadians who are also called Bajans will always welcome you with an open heart and sincere smile. From its beautiful eastern coastline to UNESCO World Heritage capital to rich cultural ambiance this Caribbean paradise is an enchanting vacation destination that you will want to visit again and again.


St. Barts is a volcanic island that is surrounded by shallow reefs. This chic French Caribbean island is a popular tourist destination of people from North America, mainland France, and rest of Europe. This tropical paradise is a perfect blend of sophistication and laid-back luxury. But be careful as one trip is all it will take make you completely hooked on this vacation.

Gustavia, which also contains the central harbor to the island, is the capital of St.Barts. It is a picturesque town with a neat collection of red-roofed buildings covered in volcanic stone and is a favorite among tourists due to its elegant restaurants, gingerbread-trimmed cottages, and designer shops. There are no direct flights to St.Barts but you can get a shuttle flight to and from the island, or you can book a ferry ride which can be an efficient option.

This expensive and elite Caribbean island is not only for the rich and famous; its quaint charms and gorgeous scenery is what makes it attractive to all people. From its white-sand beaches to colorful boutiques, this Caribbean island provides the ultimate in relaxation. Just sit in the sun and relax on the Colombier Beach or if you are into nude bathing then head over to Grand Saline.

The various beaches in St.Barts, 22 to be exact, ensure that they cater to all types of beachgoers. You can walk from one destination to another and marvel at the distinctly French culture evident all around. Although the main spoken language is French, English is also widely spoken.

Although tourism is high all year round the best time to enjoy St.Barts is from April to June. Temperatures do not fluctuate much throughout the year allowing for pleasant weather, but there is more rain in summer months. There is no dearth of accommodations as there is something that will appeal to you. You can rent an individual villa and have a secluded holiday or have a splashy island mainstay depending on your preference.

St.Barts is a dream holiday for everyone. There are fun-filled activities for adults with kids as well as nightlife for the younger crowd. The diversity of beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, and the friendly people of St.Barts are some of the things that make this vacation perfect. The restaurants in upscale hotels, as well as the simple food stalls on the beach all, offer some amazing food which combines Caribbean cuisine with Creole flavors, fresh seafood, exotic local fruits, and traditional French cooking techniques. The active nightlife is what gives this island its glorious reputation. If you haven’t experienced the club scene in St.Barts, then you are missing out. Also, there are many events and functions around the year which make St.Barts a happening place.


Bonbini! That’s how you’ll be greeted when you visit Aruba. Located fifteen miles north of the coast of Venezuela, the picturesque Caribbean Island of Aruba is a beautiful sight to sore eyes. A gorgeous Island rich with hospitable locals, fantastical locations and an alluring feel that any visitor can attest to, Aruba is without a doubt a captivating beauty.

One of the most popular Caribbean Islands, Aruba is renowned for its sand beaches and the sublime weather. The warm waters are alone responsible for the influx of tourists every year who want to experience only the best. Aruba isn’t famous for being the happy Island for nothing; it is the intimate connection between the Island and its natives that brings about the true culture and heritage of the serene area.
The locals of Aruba add to the beauty of Island. Not only are they insightful, they are the perfect hosts. Frequent visitors to Aruba are always praising the locals for showing them the hidden gems scattered all over the Island, be it a good dining area, less populated beaching area or just a good bar. They are here to help you have a great time.

Speaking of hidden gems, the Conchi natural pool is a hidden secret of Aruba. Accessible only by ATV, Conchi is a geographical beauty. Located between natural rock formations is a small pool, a perfect place to relax after an eventful day trip. If the city life is more your drift, Aruba does not disappoint. You can easily find a cab and go for an adventure in the busy streets, grab a smoothie at Mauchi or indulge in the local flavors of the Island. The local favorite Saco di Felipe is to die for! Venture out into the Renaissance or strip mall for local dresses, and delve into the harmonious culture of the Caribbean beauty.

Aruba is not only for families, it is a romantic haven for couples. Get ready for an adventure with your beau, because the options are endless. You can rent a bike and ride to the lighthouse, located at the northernmost tip of the Island. If your beau is a culture fan, take him or her to the “Our lady of Alto Visto Chapel”, a home of picturesque serenity and enigmatic history of the area.
Aruba locals are no strangers to beaching, the options they have are numerous! Visit the baby beach for a wading activity, or venture onto the Boco Prins for some alone time with your family. The Eagle beach is also a beauty of Aruba, a member of the world’s top ten beaches of the world.

While you stay in the resorts, you can experience a lot! 4 wheeling tours, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and going for a trip in a submarine are only the tip of the iceberg. You can go exploring in the many, many caves found all over the Island, a notable one being Guadirikiri cave, which is a very popular tourist site for ambitious visitors every year.
At Aruba, you will find every element of what makes any vacation a great one. Sunny beaches, tranquil activities, a gorgeous view and the Caribbean allure all over the place. Sit back and relax while you spend your time, here at Aruba. You will not forget your time here any time soon!


Curacao is serene Island in the Caribbean, and a part of the Islands known as ABC Islands. Located near Venezuela, Curacao enjoys a sunny and warm climate throughout the year, the perfect place for a dream-like vacation. The beautiful Island is a cozy haven to the enriched heritage, the distinct culture and the uniqueness of the land.

Anyone and everyone who visits the absolutely gorgeous Island of Curacao, knows this is the place to have the perfect adventure. Renowned for the beaches, local food and the night life, you’re in for a complete package. As you venture into the life of the Island, you’ll come across distinctive Dutch architectural beauties, enhanced by pastel colored paint. The locals converse in Papiamentu, but that doesn’t stop them from guiding visitors to the local attractions all over Curacao.

The local dishes are another distinctive feature of the pleasant Island, a delicate mix of European, Asian and West-Indian cuisine will make even the critics happy. There are various Beach bars, fine dining and fast food options for everyone to have what they want. The Island has small shops and malls sprawled all over the place, for you to buy local accessories and feel at home!

Curacao is one of the top most visited places by couples who want a private, but an adventurous honeymoon. Take day trips to parks such as the Christoffel National Park or the Hato Caves, for an eventful time out. If your significant other is more into history and learning about culture, take them to the museums and learn all about Curacao!

There is a lot to do when visiting the tranquil Island, go for diving and snorkeling, interact with the marine life where enthusiasts come every year in bulks. If you are a big fan of marine life, visit the Curacao Sea Aquarium!

Beaching is an essential part of your vacation when you are in this Island; choose from all the beaches, such as Playa Lagun, Cas Abao or Playa Grote Kenapa! The one thing all of them have in common is the guarantee that you will have a time you won’t forget anytime soon.
The Island is all about comfort, adventure and having the most memorable time. The Curacao Beach Resort and gorgeous Villas offer you to spend your time with less hassle as possible. While staying at your hotel or resort, you can easily go kayaking, diving, swimming or scuba diving. You are in for a grand time.

If your family wants to venture more into the daily life of the area, you can always plan a trip around the city with any local guide to discover local attractions; you can go and visit the Curacao Ostrich & Game Farm, which is one of the biggest Ostrich farms outside Africa. Not only that, it is a beloved place for all the kids who come to visit. Second only to the gorgeous beaches!

While you’re here at Curacao, you will find everything you can ever want for a perfect vacation, the sunny beaches, the exotic food and all the adventures you can ever want to enjoy. There is nothing to do now but come to this Caribbean beauty as soon as you can!